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Lawn Care

At Southern Green we take lawn care very seriously.  To us, a lush green grass, free of weeds and disease, serves as a the foundation to a superb landscape.  Proper mowing techniques are the first task associated with creating such a beautiful, lush lawn. Our lawn care service includes mowing the entire yard at the correct height and frequency. Keys to good mowing include but are not limited to: sharpening blades, mowing at the proper height, not mowing when wet, not mowing during extended periods of drought, mowing in straight, over-lapping lines, and avoiding similar patterns to prevent ruts.Our lawn care service also includes line trimming (weed eating) around all trees, posts, fencing, etc.  We also edge hard and soft areas in our lawn care program.We edge all sidewalks, patios and driveways (hard areas) with a blade edger and  on our planting/landscaped beds (soft areas) with either a line trimmer or blade edger.We edge on a soft surfaces on a biweekly basis to maintain the desired bed dimension.  Hard edging is performed weekly, with the exception of winter months when growth is limited. We edge all sidewalks, patios and driveways with a blade edger and clean up all trimmings. We use mulching mowers, as it is much better for the lawn.We offer both weekly and bi-weekly lawn care. However, we recommend our weekly service if you water your lawn and use a fertilization program to thicken and improve the appearance of your lawn.

Landscape Care

Proper landscape care, or lack of proper landscape care, dramatically affects the plants in your landscape. When maintained properly, the landscape is allowed to flourish and deliver its desired impact. If improperly maintained, plant health within your landscape will deteriorate and most likely fall victim to pests and diseases which ultimately will result in the need for replacement. Our staff is well trained in the proper trimming and pruning of all types of shrubs ,hedges, perennials, decorative grass and ornamental trees.Proper pruning helps keep plants attractive and vigorous. It adds years to the plants usefulness.  When pruning is done properly it results in increased flowering and fruiting, rejuvenates old overgrown shrubs, and it trains and helps keep plants to a particular shape and density. In some extreme cases we will perform rejuvenation cuts.  In this case, more aggressive cuts are made and more material is removed from the plant.  It’s also commonly referred to as  a “hard cut back.”  Many implement this cut during the incorrectly to minimize growth and thus reduce pruning times.  This practice for the sake of saving time is not something we do at Southern Green.  We use this extreme measure only when required.​ At Southern Green we measure ourselves by quality; we put what’s best for the plant ahead of speed.


Likewise our staff is properly trained to Identify and help prevent/eliminate mold, mildew, fungus and all types of insects/diseases that may attack the health of your investment.Fertilization is a vital part of our lawn care and landscape care program and important for healthy, vigorous plant growth and development.Because many of the required nutrients for the landscape are found naturally in the soil, caring for the soil is tremendously important.  To properly care for our soil we custom blend our fertilizers.  Proper application is important and includes: proper spreading of material uniformly throughout the landscape. Quickly blowing off sidewalks and pavers to avoid staining is also very important. We are extra careful around pools and water features.We water in fertilizer after each application .The challenge in Southwest Florida for many landscapers is the growth and maturity of older landscapes. Eventually, all landscapes will reach maturity. It is important to entrust them to a landscaping company that will be able to maintain them in a way that will allow them to flourish while balancing all aspects of the seasons and environment to their favor.Our crews are uniformed, insured, and cross-trained in all the equipment they use. They operate efficiently and effectively, but always with a keen eye to the specific needs and requests of each client. Our crews are scheduled each week to be on‐site at roughly the same time. We take pride in our work and the results speak for themselves.

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